Doping in auto racing

Some racing drivers have used doping in auto racing to enhance their performance. Deemed unsafe and illegal by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile. Appendix A to the International Sporting Code determines which substances are banned and mandates penalties.

Appendix A to the International Sporting Code

The Appendix regarding doping in auto racing was added on 1 December 2010 after consultation with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The regulations apply to all FIA and national sanctioned events. The FIA adopts the banned substance list issued by WADA. The FIA has added alcohol and beta blockers to the list.[1] The FIA will test at random from a pre determined pool of drivers. The national sanctioning body will test a number of athletes during their events.

In case of a positive doping test, the driver in question will be disqualified, have his/hers results forfeited and has to return all their winnings. In case of negligence by the driver will only be disqualified for the event on hand. In case of a second violation the driver will be banned from the sport for six months. More severe penalties could be imposed, depending on the circumstances. The driver has to pay back price money won. A fine of up to € 15.000 can be imposed.[2]

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