Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump Pentagon 2017.jpg
45th President of the United States
Assumed office
January 20, 2017
Vice President Mike Pence
Preceded by Barack Obama
Personal details
Born Donald John Trump
(1946-06-14) June 14, 1946 (age 71)
New York City
Political party Republican (1987–99, 2009–11, 2012–present)
Other political
Relatives See Family of Donald Trump
Alma mater The Wharton School ( B.S. in Econ.)
Net worth Decrease US$3.5 billion (May 2017) [1]
Signature Donald J Trump stylized autograph, in ink

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality.

Trump was born in the New York City borough of Queens, and earned an economics degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. A third generation businessman, Trump followed in the footsteps of his paternal grandmother Elizabeth Christ Trump and father Fred Trump in running the family real estate company known since 1971 as the Trump Organization. Trump served as Chairman/President of the firm from 1971-2017, shortly before his inauguration as U.S. President (he still owns the company, but has given day-to-day control to his sons Donald Jr. and Eric during his presidency). Trump's business career primarily focused on building or renovating office towers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses.

He also started several side ventures and branded various products with his name. He has written or co-written several books (most notably The Art of the Deal), and produced and hosted The Apprentice television series for 12 years. As of 2017, he was the 544th richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion.

Trump had long expressed interest in politics. He entered the 2016 presidential race as a Republican and defeated sixteen opponents in the primaries. Commentators described his political positions as populist, protectionist, and nationalist. His campaign received extensive free media coverage; many of his public statements were controversial or false. Trump won the general election on November 8, 2016, in a surprise victory against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He became the oldest and wealthiest person ever to assume the presidency, the first without prior military or government service, and the fifth to have won the election despite losing the popular vote. His election and policies sparked numerous protests.

In the first months of his presidency, Trump reversed several policies of former President Barack Obama: he withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Climate Agreement, and undid parts of the Cuban Thaw. His attempt to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") was defeated in Congress. Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Trump ordered a travel ban on citizens from six Muslim-majority countries, citing security concerns; the ban was partially implemented after several legal challenges. [2] After Trump dismissed FBI Director James Comey, the Justice Department appointed his predecessor Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate Russia's interference in the presidential election, potential links between Russia and Trump campaign associates, and any related matters.

Family and personal life


Trump's ancestors originated from the German village of Kallstadt, Palatinate, on his father's side, and from the Outer Hebrides isles of Scotland on his mother's side. All his grandparents, and his mother, were born in Europe. His mother's grandfather was also christened "Donald". [3]

Trump's paternal grandfather, Friedrich Trump (later Frederick), first emigrated to the United States in 1885 at the age of 16, and became a citizen in 1892. He amassed a fortune operating boom-town restaurants and boarding houses in the Seattle area and the Klondike region of Canada, during the gold rush. [4] On a visit to Kallstadt, he met Elisabeth Christ and married her in 1902. The couple settled in New York permanently in 1905. [5] Frederick died from influenza during the 1918 pandemic. [6]

Donald's father Fred Trump was born in 1905 in the Bronx. Fred started working with his mother in real estate when he was 15, shortly after his father's death. Their company, Elizabeth Trump and Son, was primarily active in the New York boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn. Fred eventually built and sold thousands of houses, barracks and apartments. [6] [7] The company would later become The Trump Organization after Donald Trump took over in 1971. [8]

Donald's mother Mary Anne was born in Tong, Lewis, Scotland. At age 18 in 1930, she emigrated to New York where she worked as a maid. [9] Fred and Mary were married in 1936 and raised their family in Queens. [9] [10]

Fred's brother John (Donald's uncle) became a physicist and inventor. [11]

Early life and education

A black-and-white photograph of Donald Trump as a teenager, smiling and wearing a dark pseudo-military uniform with various badges and a light-colored stripe crossing his right shoulder. This image was taken while Trump was in the New York Military Academy in 1964.
Senior yearbook photo of Trump in 1964 wearing the uniform of his private boarding school, New York Military Academy [12] [13]

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Queens, New York City. He was the fourth of five children born to Frederick Christ "Fred" Trump (1905–1999) and Mary Anne Trump (née MacLeod, 1912–2000). [14] His siblings are Maryanne (b. 1937), Fred Jr. (1938–1981), Elizabeth (b. 1942), and Robert (b. 1948).

Trump grew up in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens. He attended the Kew-Forest School from kindergarten through seventh grade. At age 13, he enrolled in the New York Military Academy, a private boarding school, after his parents discovered that he had made frequent trips into Manhattan without their permission. [15] [16]

In August 1964, Trump entered Fordham University. [12] [17] After two years, he transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, because it offered one of the few real estate studies departments in United States academia at the time. [18] [17]

In addition to his father, Trump was inspired by Manhattan developer William Zeckendorf, vowing to be "even bigger and better". [19] While at Wharton, he worked at the family business, Elizabeth Trump and Son, [20] graduating in May 1968 with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics. [17] [21] [22]

Trump was not drafted during the Vietnam War, nor did he enlist as a volunteer or as a Reserve Officer Training Corps candidate. [23] While in college from 1964 to 1968, he obtained four student deferments. [24] In 1966, he was deemed fit for service based upon a military medical examination, and in 1968 was briefly classified as fit by a local draft board, but was given a 1-Y medical deferment in October 1968, [25] attributed to heel spurs. [26] In 1969, he received a high number in the draft lottery, which made him unlikely to be called. [25] [27] [28]


The January 20, 2017 swearing-in of Donald Trump as President: Trump, wife Melania, son Donald Jr., son Barron, daughter Ivanka, son Eric, and daughter Tiffany

Trump has five children by three marriages, and has eight grandchildren. [29] [30] His first two marriages ended in widely publicized divorces. [31]

At age 30, Trump married his first wife, Czech model Ivana Zelníčková, on April 7, 1977, at the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan in a ceremony performed by the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale. [32] [33] They had three children: son Donald Jr. (b. 1977), daughter Ivanka (b. 1981), and son Eric (b. 1984). Ivana became a naturalized United States citizen in 1988. [34] The couple divorced in 1992 following Trump's affair with actress Marla Maples. [35]

In October 1993, Maples gave birth to Trump's daughter Tiffany, named after high-end retailer Tiffany & Company. [36] Maples and Trump were married two months later on December 20, 1993. [37] They were divorced in 1999, [38] and Tiffany was raised by her mother in California. [39]

The President and First Lady at the Liberty Ball on Inauguration Day

On January 22, 2005, Trump married Slovene model Melania Knauss at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, Florida. The ceremony was followed by a reception at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. [40] In 2006, Melania acquired United States citizenship [41] and she gave birth to their son Barron on March 20 of that year. [42] [43] Melania became First Lady of the United States upon Trump's accession to the presidency in January 2017.

Prior to his inauguration as president, Trump delegated the management of his real estate business to his two adult sons, Eric and Don Jr. [44] His daughter Ivanka resigned from The Trump Organization and moved to Washington with her husband Jared Kushner. She serves as assistant to the president, [45] while he is a Senior Advisor in the White House. [46]

Trump's elder sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, is an inactive Federal Appeals Court judge on the Third Circuit. [47]


Trump's ancestors were Lutherans on his father's side in Germany [48] and Presbyterian on his mother's side in Scotland. [49] His parents married in a Manhattan Presbyterian church in 1936. [50] As a child, he attended the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens, and had his Confirmation there. [33] In the 1970s, his family joined the Marble Collegiate Church (an affiliate of the Reformed Church in America) in Manhattan. [51] The pastor at that church, Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking and The Art of Living, ministered to Trump's family and mentored him until Peale's death in 1993. [52] [51] Trump, who is Presbyterian, [53] [54] has cited Peale and his works during interviews when asked about the role of religion in his personal life. [51]

Trump receives Holy Communion, but he has said that he does not ask God for forgiveness. He stated: "I think if I do something wrong, I just try and make it right. I don't bring God into that picture." [55] On the campaign trail, Trump has referred to The Art of the Deal as his second favorite book after the Bible, saying "Nothing beats the Bible." [56] In a 2016 speech to Liberty University, he referred to "Two Corinthians" instead of " Second Corinthians", eliciting chuckles from the audience. [57] Despite this, The New York Times reported that Evangelical Christians nationwide thought "that his heart was in the right place, that his intentions for the country were pure." [58]

Trump has had relationships[ clarification needed] with a number of Christian spiritual leaders, including Florida pastor Paula White, who has been called his "closest spiritual confidant." [59] In 2015, he received a blessing from Greek Orthodox priest Emmanuel Lemelson [60] and in 2016, he released a list of his religious advisers, including James Dobson, Jerry Falwell Jr., Ralph Reed and others. [61] Referring to his daughter Ivanka's conversion to Judaism before her marriage to Jared Kushner, Trump said: "I have a Jewish daughter; and I am very honored by that." [62]


Trump's doctor, Harold Bornstein M.D., issued a 2016 medical report that showed Trump's blood pressure, liver and thyroid function were in normal ranges. [63] [64] Trump said that he has never smoked cigarettes or consumed other drugs, including marijuana. [65] He also drinks no alcohol, a decision arising in part from watching his older brother Fred Jr. suffer from alcoholism that contributed to his early death in 1981. [66] [67]


Trump said that he began his career with "a small loan of one million dollars" from his father. [68] He appeared on the initial Forbes List of wealthy individuals in 1982 with an estimated $200 million fortune, including an "undefined" share of his parents' estate. [69] During the 1980s he became a billionaire, [70] but following business losses he was absent from the Forbes list from 1990 to 1995; he reportedly borrowed from his siblings' trusts in 1993. [69] His father's estate, valued at more than $20 million, was divided in 1999 among Trump, his three surviving siblings and their children. [71] [72]

A tall rectangular-shaped tower in Las Vegas with exterior windows reflecting a golden hue. It is a sunny day and the building is higher than many of the surrounding buildings, also towers. There are mountains in the background. This tower is called the Trump Hotel Las Vegas.
Trump Hotel Las Vegas, with gold infused glass [73]

When Trump announced his candidacy for the Presidency on June 16, 2015, he released a one-page financial summary that stated a net worth of $8,737,540,000. [74] The following month, he filed a 92-page FEC financial disclosure form [75] and declared his net worth was "in excess of ten billion dollars". [76] In his presidential announcement speech, he said "I'm really rich", and stated this would make him less indebted to large campaign donors. [77] [78] Forbes believed his net worth estimate was "a whopper", setting their own estimate at $4.1 billion in 2015. Trump valued his "properties under development" at $293 million; Forbes said they could not evaluate those deals, and booked them for $0. [79] [80] Trump's 2015 FEC disclosure reported $362 million in total income for the year 2014. [76]

After Trump made controversial remarks about illegal immigrants in 2015, he lost business contracts with several companies; this reduced his Forbes estimate by $125 million. [81] Consumer boycotts and reduced bookings may have further affected his brand value during the presidential campaign. [82] [83] [84] Trump's 104-page FEC disclosure in May 2016 [85] still claimed a total wealth over $10 billion, unchanged from 2015. [75] The release of the Access Hollywood tapes in October 2016 put further pressure on his brand, [86] but real estate experts predicted a positive rebound after he was elected. [87]

In their 2017 billionaires' ranking, Forbes estimated Trump's net worth at $3.5 billion (544th in the world, 201st in the U.S.) [1] making him one of the richest politicians in American history. These estimates fluctuate from year to year, and among various analysts. In July 2016 Bloomberg News had pegged his wealth at $3 billion, calling it an increase thanks to his presidential nomination, [88] whereas Forbes had ranked him 324th in the world (113th in the U.S.) with $4.5 billion just a few months earlier. [89] The discrepancies among these estimates and with Trump's own figures stem from the uncertain values of appraised property and of his personal brand. [88] [90]

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