Dominic Tang

Coat of Arms of Bishop Tang

Dominic Tang Yee-ming, S.J. (Simplified Chinese: 邓以明; Traditional Chinese: 鄧以明; Pinyin: Dèng Yǐmíng; Wade-Giles: Teng I-ming; May 13, 1908 - June 27, 1995) was a Chinese Jesuit priest. Bishop in 1951 and later archbishop of Canton he spent twenty-two years in jail for his loyalty to the Catholic Church and died in exile in the United States.

Jesuit and bishop

He was born in Hong Kong and decided to enter the Jesuit novitiate in Spain in August 1930. Back in China, he studied Catholicism in Shanghai. He was ordained as priest at the age of 33 on 31 May 1941[1] during World War II. After his ordination he worked as a parish priest, principal of a primary school and social welfare work in Canton (Guangzhou) province.[1] Pope Pius XII appointed him on 1 October 1950 as Apostolic Administrator of Canton (Guangzhou), and on 13 February 1951 was ordained titular bishop of Elateia by Bishop Gustave Deswaziere, who said of him: By accepting the appointment from the Holy See in these difficult times, the new bishop was showing absolute obedience and a spirit of sacrifice.[1]

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