Dieter Dierks

Dieter Dierks
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Background information
Born (1943-02-09) 9 February 1943 (age 76)
GenresKrautrock, hard rock, heavy metal, pop music
Occupation(s)Sound engineer, record producer, entrepreneur
Associated actsTangerine Dream, Scorpions,

Dieter Dierks (Hans-Dieter Dierks) born 9 February 1943 in Stommeln, Germany is a musician, sound engineer, producer, music publisher and studio owner.He became well known as producer of Scorpions who were signed to him between 1975 and 1988. Before that time he had already successfully established Hamburg-based band Atlantis in the US. Between 1969 and 1975 numerous albums of the "Krautrock" era were produced at Dierks Studio. From 1975 onwards more and more international artists started booking his state-of-the art sound and TV studios.

The family

Dieter Dierks is the son of a Jewish mother and a Catholic father. The latter was an orchestra conductor, violinist, sax player and composer. His mother Ursula ran a grocery store. Dieter Dierks was married twice and has four children with four different women. His second wife, Corina Fortmann is the sister of Swiss composer Thomas Fortmann and for many years she was an instrumental part in building the "Dierks Empire". Their daughter, Dominique Schilling works in Los Angeles as a film director and screenwriter. Dierks’ oldest son, Michael Dierks, is an actor. His oldest daughter from his first marriage, Michaela Dierks works as a TV and music promoter in Cologne, Germany. His youngest son, Julien Freundt works as a sound engineer, composer, music producer and management assistant at his father’s company. Dieter's mother Ursula, who was in charge of the studio catering, died in 1991.

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