Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan

Deputy chairman of
the Senate of Pakistan
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Saleem Mandviwalla

since 12 March
StyleMr. Deputy chairman
AppointerElected by the Pakistan Senate
Term length3 years
FormationConstitution of Pakistan
(12 April 1973)
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The Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan (Urdu: ڈپٹی چیئرمین سینیٹ) is the Deputy Chair of the Senate of Pakistan.[1] According to the Constitution of Pakistan, the Deputy chairman is the presiding official when the chairman is unavailable. The Senate must choose a chairman and deputy chairman for a time interval of three years.[2] Saleem Mandviwalla has served as the Deputy chairman since 12 March 2018.[3]

During the President's absence, the chairman senate is empowered with the duties of the presidency; in rare events involving the absence of the chairman, the presidential duties are usually held by Speaker National Assembly.[4] The Chairman of the Senate is the second in the line of succession to the President of Pakistan, ahead of the Speaker National Assembly.[5]

Role and responsibilities

The office of Deputy Chairman of the Senate is created by Article 60(1) of the Chapter 2 in Part III of the Constitution of Pakistan:[1]

After the Senate has been duly constituted, it shall, at its first meeting and to the exclusion of any other business, elect from amongst its members a chairman and a Deputy chairman and, so often as the office of chairman or Deputy chairman becomes vacant, the Senate shall elect another member as chairman or, as the case may be, Deputy chairman.

The term of office of the chairman or Deputy chairman shall be 3 years from the day on which he enters upon his office.

— Article 60(1)–60(2) of the Chapter 2 in Part III of the Constitution of Pakistan, source[1]
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