Death and state funeral of Joseph Stalin

Stalin's Funeral
Stalin's funeral procession on Okhotny Ryad.jpg
Stalin's funeral procession on Okhotny Ryad (ru).
Date9 March 1953
LocationMoscow, Soviet Union
ParticipantsNikita Khrushchev, Georgy Malenkov, Vyacheslav Molotov, Lavrentiy Beria other Soviet and foreign dignitaries

On March 5, 1953, Joseph Stalin, the second leader of the Soviet Union, died aged 74 after suffering a stroke. After four days of national mourning, Stalin was given a state funeral and then buried in Lenin's Mausoleum on March 9. Nikita Khrushchev, Georgy Malenkov, Vyacheslav Molotov, and Lavrentiy Beria were in charge of organizing the funeral.

Funeral service

On March 6, the coffin with Stalin's body was displayed at the Hall of Columns in the House of the Unions and it stayed there for three days.[1] On March 9, the body of Stalin was delivered to Red Square[2] to be interred in Lenin's Mausoleum where he lay in state until 1961.[3][4] Speeches were delivered by Khrushchev, Malenkov, Molotov, and Beria. After the speeches, pallbearers carried the coffin to the mausoleum. As Stalin's body was being put into the mausoleum, a military band played the Soviet National Anthem. After the anthem played, a military parade of the Moscow Garrison was held in Stalin's honor. In the public's efforts to pay their respects to Stalin's casket, a number of people died as they were crushed and trampled by the amassed crowd.[5] Khrushchev provided an estimate that 109 people died in the crowd.[6]