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Dalkeith is located in Midlothian
Location within Midlothian
Population12,342 (2011 census)
Council area
Lieutenancy area
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
Postcode districtEH22
Dialling code0131
EU ParliamentScotland
UK Parliament
Scottish Parliament
List of places
55°53′45″N 3°03′30″W / 55°53′45″N 3°03′30″W / 55.8958; -3.0583

Dalkeith (θ/ KEETH; Scottish Gaelic: Dail Cheith) is a town in Midlothian, Scotland, on the River Esk. It was granted a burgh of barony in 1401 and a burgh of regality in 1540. The settlement of Dalkeith grew southwestwards from its 12th-century castle (now Dalkeith Palace).Dalkeith has a population of 12,342 people according to the 2011 census.[1]

The town is split into four distinct areas: Dalkeith proper with its town centre and historic core, with Eskbank to its west. and Woodburn to its east. Eskbank is the well-heeled district of Dalkeith with many large Victorian and newer houses. To the south of Eskbank is Newbattle with its abbey. Woodburn is a working class council estate.

Dalkeith is the main administrative centre for Midlothian. It is twinned with Jarnac, France. In 2004, Midlothian Council re-paved Jarnac Court in honour of Dalkeith and Jarnac's long standing link.

There is an estate called Thornybank on the edge of Dalkeith near the industrial estate beyond which is the newly built Dalkeith Campus - housing the high schools of Dalkeith and St David's Roman Catholic High School.


Dalkeith is understood to be a Cumbric name, cognate with Welsh ddôl 'meadow, plateau, valley' + coed 'wood'.[2]

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