Dahyan air strike

Dahyan air strike
Part of Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen
LocationDahyan, Sa'dah governorate, Yemen
Coordinates17°03′54″N 43°36′01″E / 17°03′54″N 43°36′01″E / 17.06500; 43.60028
TargetCivilian bus
DeathsAt least 51 people (per Houthi's Health Ministry)[1][2]
Non-fatal injuries
At least 48 (per the Red Cross)[3]
At least 79 people (per Houthi's Health Ministry)[1][2]
PerpetratorsSaudi Arabian Armed Forces

On 9 August 2018, Saudi Arabian expeditionary aircraft bombed a civilian school bus passing through a crowded market in Dahyan, Saada Governorate, Yemen, near the border with Saudi Arabia.[4][5][6] At least 40[7] children were killed, all under 15 years old[8] and most under age 10.[6] Sources disagree on the exact number of deaths, but they estimate that the air strike killed about 51 people.[1][4][5][9][10]


According to Save the Children, at the time of the attack the children were on a bus heading back to school from a picnic when the driver stopped to get refreshment at the market in Dahyan.[8] Most of the children were under age 10, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.[6] A Red Cross – supported hospital in Saada received the bodies of 29 children under 15 years of age and 48 wounded individuals, 30 of whom were children.[11] A total of 40 children were killed in the strike.[12]

According to a resident of Dahyan, the warplanes had been hovering over the area for more than an hour before they attacked.[13] Another witness said, "Our shops were open and shoppers were walking around as usual. All those who died were residents, children and shop owners."[14] According to Yahya Hussein, a teacher who was traveling separately from the bus, "The scene can't be described—there was body parts and blood everywhere."[15]

The bomb that killed the children was a MK 82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin. It had been supplied by the USA to Saudi Arabia.[7]