Counts of Saint-Pol

This is a list of rulers of the county of Saint-Pol, whose territory is now in northern France. The central town of this medieval County of Saint-Pol is Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise.

House of Flanders
Baldwin I, Count of Flanders862 - 879-+ Flanders
Baldwin II, Count of Flanders879 - 918son+ Boulogne, Flanders
Adalolf918 - 933son+ Boulogne
Arnulf I, Count of Flanders933 - 962brother+ Flanders, Artois
Arnulf II, Count of Flanders962 - 988grandson+ Flanders, Artois
Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders988 - 1035son+ Flanders, Artois, Zeeland (1012-)
House of Campdavaine
Hugh I1067–1070son
Guy I1070–1083son
Hugh II1083–1118brother
Hugh III1118–1130son
Hugh IV1174–1205son
House of Châtillon
Walter III of Châtillon1205–1219son-in-law
Guy II1219–1226son+ Auxerre, Nevers, Tonnere
Hugo V1226–1249brother
Guy III1249–1289son
Guy IV1289–1317son
Guy V1344–1360son
House of Luxemburg
Guy of Luxemburg-Ligny1360–1371brother-in-law+ Ligny
Walram III of Luxemburg-Ligny1371–1415son+ Ligny
Philip of Saint-Pol1415–1430grandson+ Ligny, Brabant-Limburg (1427-)
Johanna of Luxemburg-Saint-Pol1430great-aunt+ Ligny
Peter I of Saint-Pol1430–1433nephew+ Brienne
Louis of Saint-Pol1433–1475son+ Brienne, Ligny, Guise
Peter II of Saint-Pol1475–1482son+ Brienne, Soissons
Maria of Saint-Pol
+ Francis I of Bourbon-Vendôme
+ Francis de Bourbon, Count of St. Pol
 ? - 1495
 ? - 1545
+ Soissons, Enghien
House of Capet-Bourbon-Vendôme
François II de Bourbon-Saint-Pol1546grandson/son
Marie of Bourbon-Vendôme
+ Leonor of Longueville
1546 - 1573
 ? -1573
House of Longueville
Frans of Longueville? - 1631soncount-regent
Henri I of Longueville1573–1595brother
Henri II of Longueville1631–1662son
John Louis of Longueville1662–1668son
Charles of Longueville1668–1672brother
John Louis of Longueville1672–1694brother2nd time
Maria of Longueville1694–1705sister
1705 sold Saint-Pol to Louis of Melun (-1724)
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