Circuit Breaker (Transformers)

Circuit Breaker
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceTransformers #6 (July 1985) (as Josie Beller); Transformers #9 (October 1985) (as Circuit Breaker)
Created byMarvel Comics
In-story information
Alter egoJosephine "Josie" Beller
SpeciesHuman, Anti-Robot
Team affiliationsNeo-Knights
Rapid Anti-Robot Attack Team
G.B. Blackrock
Notable aliasesEmulator, "Sephie"
AbilitiesHer suit allows her to disrupt a robot's circuitry, causing it to malfunction and break down.[1]

Circuit Breaker (also known as Circuit-Smasher and the Emulator) is a fictional comic book character originally from the 1980s Marvel Comics Transformers series.

Publication history

Josie Beller, introduced in issue #6 (July 1985) as a prodigy working for G.B. Blackrock, invented a kind of bodysuit with imbedded circuits that allowed her to move her body after a spinal cord injury following a Decepticon attack on one of Blackrock's industry plants. The suit disrupts the circuits of electronic devices and Transformers and allows her fly using anti-gravity technology. During Marvel's Secret Wars II miniseries, the Beyonder encounters Circuit Breaker.[2] She introduces herself to him and would want to become a servant of his, but he refused accept her offer. This appearance of Circuit Breaker was published so Marvel Comics could claim ownership to the character. She would later appear in the Transformers series in issue #9 (October 1985) using the suit.

In issue #68, a superhero team called the Neo-Knights, managed by Blackrock, was introduced, with Circuit Breaker joining the team. Unlike the other three members, and Blackrock, Circuit Breaker does not distinguish between Autobots and Decepticons but instead treats all robots as her enemies. This issue was the only issue in the entire series drawn by Dwayne Turner, whose dark-shaded drawing style was noticeably different from other artists in the comic.[3]

At the end of issue #73, Blackrock and the Neo-Knights were accidentally transported to Cybertron along with the Transformers when Primus sought to unite all his children against the dark god Unicron. Upon first contact with Unicron, Circuit Breaker fainted because of his sheer size and complexity, and Dynamo was unable to fight because Cybertron's nature was too unlike Earth. However, Rapture did manage to briefly convince Unicron that he had succeeded in destroying the universe.

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