Cinara cupressi

Cinara cupressi
Scientific classification
C. cupressi
Binomial name
Cinara cupressi
(Buckton, 1881)

Cinara cupressi, the cypress aphid,[1] is a brownish soft-bodied aphid. It sucks sap from twigs of conifers, and can cause damage to the tree, ranging from discoloring of the affected twig to the death of the tree.[2] This insect appears to have originated in the Middle East and has been increasing its range and is considered to be an invasive species in Africa and Europe. It has been included in the List of the world's 100 worst invasive species.[2]


Several species of aphid have been described on cypresses and related trees in various parts of the world. In North America, these are Cinara canadensis on Juniperus virginiana, Cinara sabinae on Juniperus sabina, and Cinara cupressi on Cupressaceae species in North America. C. cupressi was also described from Cupressaceae in the United Kingdom. The species Lachnus juniperinus was described from Poland on Juniperus communis and Thuja occidentalis, but all these species have since been synonymised with C. cupressi by many authors. The insect in Europe and the Middle East has been described as C. cupressi, the one in Africa as C. cupressivora while the one in North America has been described as C. sabinae. These species are not separable using morphological characters alone, and a determination as to whether they are valid species awaits molecular evidence. Meanwhile, the CABI Invasive Species Compendium includes them all under C. cupressi "sensu lato" (in the broadest sense).[3]

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