Chicago City Council

Chicago City Council
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Lori Lightfoot, Democratic
since May 2019
President Pro Tempore
Brendan Reilly
since May 2019
Anna M. Valencia
since January 2017
Chicago City Council composition
Political groups
CommitteesSee Standing Committees
Length of term
4 years
Two-round system
Last election
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Meeting place
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Council Chambers in Chicago City Hall
The Chicago City Council Chambers are located in Chicago City Hall. (postcard from 1914)

The Chicago City Council is the legislative branch of the government of the City of Chicago in Illinois. It consists of 50 aldermen elected from 50 wards to serve four-year terms.[1] The council is gaveled into session regularly, usually monthly, to consider ordinances, orders, and resolutions whose subject matter includes code changes, utilities, taxes, and many other issues. The Chicago City Council Chambers are located in Chicago City Hall, as are the downtown offices of the individual aldermen and staff.

The presiding officer of the council is the Mayor of Chicago. The secretary is the City Clerk of Chicago. Both positions are city-wide elected offices. In the absence of the mayor, an alderman elected to the position of President Pro Tempore serves as the presiding officer.[2][3]

Established in 1837 as the Common Council and renamed to the "City Council" in 1876, it assumed its modern form of 50 wards electing one alderman each in 1923.


Below is a list of current Chicago aldermen, who were elected in the 2019 Chicago aldermanic elections.[4] The current term began on May 20, 2019.[5] Aldermanic elections are officially nonpartisan; party affiliations below are informational only.

Council members also self-organize into caucuses, or blocs that address particular issues. Active caucuses include the Progressive Reform Caucus, the Black Caucus, the Latino Caucus, and the LGBT Caucus.[6]

Ward Name Took Office Party/political organization
1 Daniel La Spata 2019 Democratic Socialist
2 Brian Hopkins 2015 Dem
3 Pat Dowell 2007 Dem
4 Sophia King 2016* Dem
5 Leslie Hairston 1999 Dem
6 Roderick Sawyer 2011 Dem
7 Gregory Mitchell 2015 Dem
8 Michelle A. Harris 2006* Dem
9 Anthony Beale 1999 Dem
10 Susan Sadlowski Garza 2015 Dem
11 Patrick Daley Thompson 2015 Dem
12 George Cardenas 2003 Dem
13 Marty Quinn 2011 Dem
14 Edward M. Burke 1969 Dem
15 Raymond Lopez 2015 Dem
16 Stephanie Coleman 2019 Dem
17 David H. Moore 2015 Dem
18 Derrick Curtis 2015 Dem
19 Matthew O'Shea 2011 Dem
20 Jeanette B. Taylor 2019 Democratic Socialist
21 Howard Brookins Jr. 2003 Dem
22 Michael Rodriguez 2019 Dem
23 Silvana Tabares 2018* Dem
24 Michael Scott, Jr. 2015 Dem
25 Byron Sigcho-Lopez 2019 Democratic Socialist
26 Roberto Maldonado 2009* Dem
27 Walter Burnett, Jr. 1995 Dem
28 Jason Ervin 2011* Dem
29 Chris Taliaferro 2015 Dem
30 Ariel Reboyras 2003 Dem
31 Felix Cardona Jr. 2019 Ind
32 Scott Waguespack 2007 Dem
33 Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez 2019 Democratic Socialist
34 Carrie Austin 1994* Dem
35 Carlos Ramirez-Rosa 2015 Dem
36 Gilbert Villegas 2015 Dem
37 Emma Mitts 2000* Dem
38 Nicholas Sposato 2011 Ind
39 Samantha Nugent 2019 Dem
40 Andre Vasquez 2019 Democratic Socialist
41 Anthony Napolitano 2015 Rep
42 Brendan Reilly 2007 Dem
43 Michele Smith 2011 Dem
44 Thomas M. Tunney 2002* Dem
45 Jim Gardiner 2019 Ind
46 James Cappleman 2011 Dem
47 Matt Martin 2019 Dem
48 Harry Osterman 2011 Dem
49 Maria Hadden 2019 Ind/Dem
50 Debra Silverstein 2011 Dem

* Year of appointment, not first election

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