Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture
Japanese transcription(s)
 • Japanese千葉県
 • RōmajiChiba-ken
Flag of Chiba Prefecture
Official logo of Chiba Prefecture
Location of Chiba Prefecture
 • GovernorKensaku Morita
 • Total5,156.15 km2 (1,990.80 sq mi)
Area rank27th
Population (May 1, 2016)
 • Total6,236,517
 • Rank6th
 • Density1,209.53/km2 (3,132.7/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeJP-12
FlowerSeiyō aburana blossom
BirdMeadow bunting

Chiba Prefecture (千葉県, Chiba-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kantō region, and the Greater Tokyo Area.[1] The sixth most populous prefecture, and 27th largest by land area, Chiba is on the east coast of Honshu and largely consists of the Bōsō Peninsula, which encloses the eastern side of Tokyo Bay. Its capital is the city of Chiba.[2]


The name of Chiba Prefecture in Japanese is formed from two kanji characters. The first, , means "thousand" and the second, means "leaves". The name first appears as an ancient kuni no miyatsuko, or regional command office, as the Chiba Kuni no Miyatsuko (千葉国造).[3] The name was adopted by a branch of the Taira clan, which moved to the area in present-day Chiba City in the late Heian period. The branch of the Taira adopted the name and became the Chiba clan, and held strong influence over the area of the prefecture until the Azuchi-Momoyama period. The name "Chiba" was chosen for the prefecture at the time its creation in 1873 by the Assembly of Prefectural Governors (地方官会議, Chihō Kankai Kaigi), an early Meiji-period body of prefectural governors that met to decide the structure of local and regional administration in Japan.[4]

The compound word Keiyō (京葉), which refers to the Tokyo-Chiba region, is formed from the second character in Tokyo (), and the second character in Chiba (), which can also be pronounced "kei" and "yō" respectively.[5] This compound is used in terms such as the Keiyō Line, Keiyō Road, Keiyō Rinkai Railway Rinkai Main Line, and the Keiyō Industrial Zone.

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