A budget is a financial plan for a defined period, often one year. It may also include planned sales volumes and revenues, resource quantities, costs and expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows. Companies, governments, families and other organizations use it to express strategic plans of activities or events in measurable terms.[1]

A budget is the sum of money allocated for a particular purpose and the summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them. It may include a budget surplus, providing money for use at a future time, or a deficit in which expenses exceed income.

Comme Sisyphe - Honoré Daumier (Brooklyn Museum)


A budget (derived from the old French word meaning purse) is a quantified financial plan for a forthcoming accounting period.[2]

A budget is an important concept in microeconomics, which uses a budget line to illustrate the trade-offs between two or more goods. In other terms, a budget is an organizational plan stated in monetary terms.

In summary, the purpose of budgeting tools:

  1. Tools provide a forecast of revenues and expenditures, that is, construct a model of how a business might perform financially if certain strategies, events and plans are carried out.
  2. Tools enable the actual financial operation of the business to be measured against the forecast.
  3. Lastly, tools establish the cost constraint for a project, program, or operation.
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