Bombay Talkie (band)

Bombay Talkie was a Bhangra band of the 1990s, from Glasgow, Scotland. The group were best known for their hit, "Charigue" (but spelt Chargiye on their Judgement Day CD),[1] which is still included on many Bhangra compilation albums.

The band featured in the BBC Television documentary The Spice Boys - a reference to the Spice Girls, who had also risen to prominence at the time - and played at the T in the Park music festival plus toured Malaysia.[1]


Members of Bombay Talkie have included:

  • Sanjay Majhu (lead vocals)
  • Charan Gill (lead vocals)
  • Bindi Bhumbra (guitars, production, composition)
  • Rakesh Rakhra (keyboards, production, composition)
  • Kamal Jandoo (bass guitar)
  • Karmjit Nandha (dholaks)
  • Jojo Singh (dhol)
  • Affy Ahmad (drums)
  • Parminder Sumal (congas, bongos)
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