Bisaldeo temple

Bisaldeo temple
बीसलदेव मन्दिर
A Hindu temple with water submerged courtyard near a dam's reservoir.
Bisaldeo temple in 2016 with submerged courtyard
Bisaldeo temple is located in Rajasthan
Bisaldeo temple
Location in Rajasthan, India
Bisaldeo temple is located in India
Bisaldeo temple
Bisaldeo temple (India)
Basic information
Geographic coordinates25°55′38″N 75°27′26″E / 25°55′38″N 75°27′26″E / 25.9271197; 75.4571403
Date established1150–1164 CE

Bisaldeo temple, also known as Bisaldev temple or Bisal Deoji's temple, is a Hindu temple in Bisalpur, India. It is located beside the Bisalpur Dam on the Banas River, in the Tonk district of Rajasthan state. The temple is dedicated to Gokarneshvara, an aspect of Shiva. A Monument of National Importance, it was commissioned by the 12th century Chahamana ruler Vigraharaja IV, who is also known as Bisal Deo.


View of the temple with low water level in the reservoir

The temple is located in Bisalpur or Visalpur, which was also earlier known as Vigrahapura. The town was established by the Chahamana king Vigraharaja IV alias Visala or Bisal Deo (r. c. 1150–1164 CE). The king commissioned the temple that is now known as Bisal Deoji's temple.[1]

The courtyard of the temple is now partly submerged by the waters of the Bisalpur Dam reservoir whenever the water level is high; before the construction of the dam in the 1990s, the temple stood on the top of a hill overlooking the confluence of the Banas and the Dai rivers.[2]

The Archaeological Survey of India has classified the structure as a Monument of National Importance.[3] The organization has also carried out a restoration of the temple.[4]

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