Town, sub-prefecture, and commune
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Bingerville is located in Ivory Coast
Location in Ivory Coast
Coordinates: 5°21′N 3°54′W / 5°21′N 3°54′W / 5.350; -3.900
Country Ivory Coast
Population (2014)[1]
 • Total91,319
Time zoneGMT (UTC+0)

Bingerville is a town in south-eastern Ivory Coast. It is a suburb of Abidjan and is one of four sub-prefectures of Abidjan Autonomous District. Bingerville is also a commune. The town is about 10 kilometres east of Abidjan and lies on the Ébrié Lagoon.

Originally a market town, Bingerville grew as the capital of the French colony from 1909 until 1934. It is named after Louis-Gustave Binger, a former French colonial governor. Many colonial buildings survive in the town, which is also known for its botanical gardens.

Villages in the sub-prefecture include Eloka.

Bingerville is home to École militaire préparatoire technique (EMPT), a military academy.

Prior to the 2011 reorganisation of the subdivisions of Ivory Coast, Bingerville was part of the Lagunes Region.

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