Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame

Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame
Awarded forestablishing "the artistic foundation for the sounds that eventually became essential ingredients of the audio/visual vernacular of contemporary Latin-rooted music".[1]
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First awarded1994
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The Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame is a rarely presented honor presented by American magazine Billboard at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. The accolade was established in 1994 to recognize musical personalities who have commercially and critically impacted the Latin music industry.[2][3] This includes artists who laid the "artistic foundation" for contemporary Latin music.[1] Potential recipients are nominated by Billboard's editorial committee, which decides the merit of each nominee with regards to their contribution to Latin music.[4] Artists chosen to be inducted into the Latin Music Hall of Fame include individuals who exemplify Latin music, are pivotal or iconic pioneers,[5][6] and whose works are a developmental milestone in the Latin music industry.[1][7]

Cuban musicians Celia Cruz and Cachao were the first artists to be inducted into the Latin Music Hall of Fame at the inaugural Billboard Latin Music Awards in 1994.[1] Selena and Raúl Alarcón, Sr. are the only recipients to have been inducted posthumously in 1995 and 2009, respectively.[8][9] Selena was named "Hot Latin Track Artist of the Year" in the same year she was inducted.[8] Alarcón, Sr. is the first non-recording artist to have been inducted into the Latin Music Hall of Fame.[9] José José and Marco Antonio Solís have also been recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award. José José received the Lifetime Achievement in 2013 while Solís was given the award twice, in 2005 and 2016.[10][11][12]


Posthumous award Indicates posthumous induction
Year Image Inductee Nationality Rationale Ref.
1994 Celia Cruz 1.jpg Celia Cruz Cuba For their contributions to Afro-Cuban music in the 20th-century. [1]
Cachao.jpg Cachao Cuba
1995 SelenaPosthumous induction United States For her "numerous achievements" as a Tejano artist within three years before her death. [8]
1996 Juan Gabriel in 2006.jpg Juan Gabriel Mexico For composing "irresistibly catchy songs of common, everyday affairs which anyone can identify" for other artists and to himself. [13]
1997 Jose Enrique con el Principe de la cancion Jose Jose 16Dec2012 (cropped).jpg José José Mexico For his 30 years of "caressing a multitude of unforgettable love songs with an earnest, yet seeminly vulnerable delivery". [14]
1998 Vicente Fernández - Pepsi Center - 06.11.11.jpg Vicente Fernández Mexico For his ability to "connect emotionally with his listeners and fans, whether on CD or onstage" with his ranchera music. [15]
1999 Rocío Dúrcal Spain For her versatile performances of pop, Spanish, and Mexican music. [16]
2000 MarcoAntonioSolisCollage-1-1000 adjusted.jpg Marco Antonio Solís Mexico For his "quivering tenor, not to mention his writing and producing skills, has had a profound effect on Latin music" as well as influential in creating the grupera genre. [2]
2001 Mongo Santamaria 1969.JPG Mongo Santamaría Cuba For bridging "Afro-Cuban grooves, jazz and R&B" with his conga performances. [17]
No induction
2003 Manzanero cine.jpg Armando Manzanero Mexico For his contribution to the Latin music genre by composing "romantic" songs. [19]
2004 Banda El Recodo Cancún.jpg Banda el Recodo Mexico "For their extraordinary 65 year-long career and successful bid to take Mexico's Banda music to virtually every corner of the world". [20]
No induction
2006 Joan Sebastian Pepsi Center.jpg Joan Sebastian Mexico For his "stellar career that spans 30 years and more than 30 albums". [21]
No induction
2008 [23]
2009 Raúl Alarcón, Sr.Posthumous induction Cuba "For his extraordinary contributions to the Latin radio and music business in the United States". [9]
No induction
2011 [25]
2012 Marc Anthony..jpg Marc Anthony United States "For his global influence as a performer in both the English and Spanish language markets". [26]
No induction
2014 Franco de Vita at Puebla´s palenque 2006.jpg Franco De Vita Venezuela For his "perceptive pop/rock ballads" that "have brought him international fame over his three-decade career". [28]
No induction
2016 Alejandro Fernández 2.jpg Alejandro Fernández Mexico For launching his career "as a champion of ranchera music before crossing over to the Latin pop mainstream". [30]
No induction
2018 [32]
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