Battle of Thượng Đức (1974)

Battle of Thượng Ðức (1974)
Part of the Vietnam War
Date29 July – 11 November 1974
ResultSouth Vietnamese Pyrrhic victory[1][2]:277
 North Vietnam South Vietnam
Commanders and leaders
Hoàng ĐanNgô Quang Trưởng
Nguyễn Duy Hinh

324th Division

  • 29th Regiment
304th Division

79th Ranger Battalion
3rd Division

  • 2nd Infantry Regiment
  • 57th Infantry Regiment

11th Armored Cavalry Squadron
Airborne Division

  • 1st Brigade
  • 3rd Brigade
Casualties and losses

North Vietnam claims: 921 dead and 2,000+ wounded[3]

South Vietnam claims: 2,000+ dead and 5000+ wounded
7,200 dead and wounded

The Battle of Thượng Ðức was a decisive battle of the Vietnam War which began on 29 July and concluded on 11 November 1974.


Thượng Ðức District was located 40 km southwest of Danang. It was accessible by a single road, local Route 4 which followed the north bank of the Song Vu Gia river, passed through a narrow defile between the hills and the river and then entered the district town of Thượng Ðức. The Song Vu Gia valley was only 3km wide here; steep hills overlooked Thượng Ðức town on the north, west, and south. There were no villages outside the district town itself secure enough for South Vietnamese officials to spend the night, and only three villages in the district had government administration by day. People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) lines of communication from the northwest and southwest reached Thượng Ðức via Route 14, which terminated there, and Route 614, which began in the large PAVN logistical complex south of the A Sau Valley and joined Route 4 west of Thượng Ðức. This district, therefore, was a key entrance to the Quang Nam Province lowlands.[4]:113

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