Battle of Nassau (1720)

Raid on Nassau
Part of the War of the Quadruple Alliance
Statue of Woodes Rogers outside the British Colonial Hotel, Nassau
Date24–25 February 1720

British victory,[1][2]

  • landing parties driven offshore; Nassau looted[2]
 Spain Great Britain
Commanders and leaders
Spain Francisco Cornejo
José Cordero
Kingdom of Great Britain Woodes Rogers
3 frigates,
9 sloops,
1,200 militia
2 frigates,
500 militia

The Raid on Nassau (or Battle of New Providence) took place in February 1720 when a Spanish force attempted to assault the British settlement of Nassau during the War of the Quadruple Alliance.[3]


The Spanish force of 1,200 was largely drawn from Cubans and commanded by Francisco Cornejo. The threat of Spanish invasion had bedeviled New Providence for the past year, halting settlement on the island and prompting the construction of Fort Nassau, with 50 guns and 250 defenders.[4]