Battle of Kirina

Battle of Kirina
Datec 1235[1]
LocationKirina (12°18′23″N 8°09′06″W / 12°18′23″N 8°09′06″W / 12.3063889; -8.1516667) in the Koulikoro Region, Mali, Africa
ResultSundiata Keita's victory; Fall of Sosso; Creation of Mali Empire
Commanders and leaders
Sumanguru KantéSundiata Keita

The Battle of Kirina, also known as the Battle of Krina or Siege of Karina (c. 1235), was a confrontation between the Sosso king Sumanguru Kanté and the Mandinka prince Sundiata Keita. Sundiata Keita's forces roundly defeated those of Sumanguru Kanté, guaranteeing the pre-eminence of Keita's new Mali Empire over Africa.[2]


By the late twelfth century, the formerly dominant Ghana Empire had collapsed, following internal strife and political intervention of the Almoravids in the eleventh century. A number of smaller neighboring states rushed to fill the power void, including the Sosso people of the Kaniaga kingdom, and the Mandinka people of the Upper Niger. Under the leadership of Soumaro Kanté, the Sosso seized Koumbi Saleh, former capital of the Ghana Empire, and expanded outward, conquering the Mandinka among others.

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