Bara Katra

Bara Katra
বড় কাটরা
Boro Katra 4 by Ashif Siddique.jpg
Ruins of Bara Katra in 2008
TypePalatial building
Beginning date1644
Completion date1646

An etching Bara Katra by Sir Charles D'Oyly in 1823
The Bibi Mariam Cannon was used to defend the caravanserai from pirates

Bara Katra (Bengali: বড় কাটরা; Great Caravanserai), a historical and architectural monument, is one of the oldest buildings in Dhaka.[1] [2] 'Katra/ katara' in Arabic and Persian means 'Caravan (Karwan) Sarai' or simply a 'Sarai'. It is a palatial building dating to the reign of the Mughal dynasty in the Bengal region. It is situated to the south of Chowk Bazaar close to the north bank of the river Buriganga.


Bara Katra was built between 1644 and 1646 CE to be the official residence of Mughal prince Shah Shuja, the second son of emperor Shah Jahan. The prince endowed it to his diwan and the builder of the serai, Abul Qasim. The word Katra may have originated from Arabic word Katara which means colonnaded building.

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