Arkansas House of Representatives

Arkansas House of Representatives
92nd Arkansas General Assembly
Great Seal of Arkansas
Term limits
16 Years (both houses)
New session started
January 14, 2019
Speaker of the House
Matthew Shepherd (R)
since June 15, 2018
Speaker pro Tempore
Jon Eubanks (R)
since January 2015
Majority Leader
Marcus Richmond (R)
since January 2015
Minority Leader
Charles Blake (D)
since January 2017
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Political groups


Length of term
2 years
AuthorityArticle 8, Section 2, Arkansas Constitution
Salary$39,399.84/year + per diem
Last election
November 6, 2018
(100 seats)
Next election
November 3, 2020
(100 seats)
RedistrictingArkansas Board of Apportionment and Arkansas General Assembly
Meeting place
Arkansas House of Representatives.png
House of Representatives Chamber
Arkansas State Capitol
Arkansas House of Representatives

The Arkansas House of Representatives is the lower house of the Arkansas General Assembly, the state legislature of the US state of Arkansas. The House is composed of 100 members elected from an equal amount of constituencies across the state. Each district has an average population of 29,159 according to the 2010 federal census. Members are elected to two-year terms and, since the 2014 Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution, limited to sixteen years cumulative in either house.[1]

The Arkansas House of Representatives meets annually, in regular session in odd number years and for a fiscal session in even number years, at the State Capitol in Little Rock.[2]

Leadership of the House

The Speaker of the House presides over the body and is elected by the membership every two years. Its duties include the supervision and directing the daily order of business, recognizing members to speak, preserving order in the House, deciding all questions of order and germaneness, certifying all measures passed, assigning committee leadership, and naming members to select committees. In the Speaker's absence, the Speaker Pro Tempore presides.

Leadership information

Position Name Party County District
Speaker of the House Jeremy Gillam Republican White 45
Speaker pro tempore Jon Eubanks Republican Logan/Franklin/Scott/Sebastian 74

Floor leaders

Position Name Party County District
Majority Leader Ken Bragg Republican Grant 15
Majority Whip Jim Dotson Republican Benton 93
Majority Caucus Secretary Charlotte Douglas Republican Crawford 75
Minority Leader Fredrick Love Democratic Pulaski 29