Anime Network

Anime Network
Anime Network Logo
LaunchedLate 2002
Owned byValkyrie Media Partners
AEsir Media
Picture format480i (SDTV)
SloganNorth America's #1 Source for Anime
CountryUnited States, Canada, Latin America
United Kingdom (former)
DirecTVChannel 1889 (VOD)
Dish Network(VOD)
Available on most cable systemsConsult cable provider for VOD information

Anime Network, a former subsidiary of A.D. Vision, Inc. (parent company of ADV Films), is a cable and satellite digital broadcast service in North America and Latin America (Streaming only) dedicated to anime.


Logo from 2002–2014

The network was launched in North America in late 2002 as mostly digital anime television subchannels and is marketed to multi system operators (MSOs) as both a Free and Subscription Video On Demand (VOD) programming service. Anime Network also provides online streaming of its anime for North America and Latin America (Spanish and Portuguese subtitles) [1] via its website with free full-length preview episodes for non-members, more episodes for members, and all online titles available for subscribers.

The Anime Network ceased broadcast of its linear 24/7 network on January 1, 2008; it continues to support a VOD service and online player on its main website.[2] On September 1, 2009, A.D. Vision had sold off the Anime Network to Valkyrie Media Partners LLC as part of the dissolution of the company and the reorganization of its assets.[3] In 2012, Anime Network's name was removed from Microsoft's Zune Marketplace and replaced with a generic "Anime" designator.

In June 2017, Section23 Films announced it would discontinue the Anime Network Online streaming service and focus solely on Anime Network's cable television and subscription video on demand (SVOD) services.[4] HIDIVE LLC, a new company which is not affiliated with Anime Network, Section23, or Sentai Filmworks, acquired Anime Network Online's assets and spun them off into a new streaming service called HIDIVE. On June 20, 2017, Anime Network Inc. announced it acquired the "" domain name from Anime Network Online.[5]

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