Anastasius I Dicorus

Anastasius I
Semissis-Anastasius I-sb0007.jpg
Semissis of Emperor Anastasius
Emperor of the Byzantine Empire
Reign11 April 491 – 9 July 518
SuccessorJustin I
Bornc. 431
Dyrrhachium, modern Durrës in Albania[1]
Died9 July 518 (aged 87)[2]
BurialChurch of the Holy Apostles
Full name
Flavius Anastasius
DynastyLeonid dynasty
MotherAnastasia Constantina

Anastasius I (Latin: Flavius Anastasius Augustus; Greek: Ἀναστάσιος; c. 431 – 9 July 518) was Eastern Roman Emperor from 491 to 518. He made his career as a government administrator. He came to the throne in his sixties after being chosen by the wife of his predecessor, Zeno. His religious tendencies caused tensions throughout his reign.

His reign was characterised by improvements in the government, economy, and bureaucracy in the Eastern Roman empire.[3] He is noted for leaving the imperial government with a sizeable budget surplus due to minimisation of government corruption, reforms to the tax code, and the introduction of a new form of currency.[4]

Background and personal characteristics

Anastasius was born at Dyrrachium; the date is unknown, but is thought to have been no later than 431. He was born into an Illyrian family,[5] the son of Pompeius (born c. 410), a nobleman of Dyrrachium, and Anastasia Constantina (born c. 410). His mother was an Arian, and the sister of Clearchus, also an Arian, and a paternal granddaughter of Gallus (born c. 370), son of Anastasia (born c. 352) and husband, in turn daughter of Flavius Claudius Constantius Gallus and wife and cousin Constantina.[6] Anastasius had one eye black and one eye blue (heterochromia), and for that reason he was nicknamed Dicorus (Greek: Δίκορος, "two-pupiled").[7] Before becoming emperor, Anastasius was a particularly successful administrator in the department of finance.[8]

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