Albert Azzo II, Margrave of Milan

Albert Azzo II, Margrave of Milan
Kunigunda Azzo.jpg
Alberto Azzo II and first wife Kunigunde
Born997 or 1009
Died(1097-08-20)August 20, 1097
Noble familyHouse of Este
Spouse(s)Kunigunde of Altdorf
Garsende of Maine
FatherAlbert Azzo I, Margrave of Milan
MotherAdela of Milan

Alberto Azzo II (997 or July 10, 1009, Modena – August 20, 1097, Modena), Margrave of Milan, and Liguria, Count of Gavello and Padua, Rovigo, Lunigiana, Monselice, and Montagnana, was a powerful nobleman in the Holy Roman Empire. He is considered the founder of Casa d'Este (House of Este), having been head of the first family to be master of Este, a town of Padua.[1]


Alberto Azzo II was the only son of Albert Azzo I, Margrave of Milan and Adela of Milan.[2] He inherited his father's offices around 1029, and continually increased his properties in northern Italy. Around 1073 he made a castle at Este his residence, from which the House of Este took its name. Before his building project, Este was little more than a village.

In the Investiture Controversy between Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor, and Pope Gregory VII, Azzo attempted to mediate,[3] but later he joined the side of the pope.