Acid jazz

Acid jazz, also known as club jazz, is a music genre that combines elements of jazz, soul, funk, and disco.[1] Acid jazz originated in the London club scene of the mid-1980s in the rare groove movement and spread to the US, Japan, Eastern Europe, and Brazil. Major acts included the Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Us3, and Jamiroquai from the UK and Buckshot LeFonque and Digable Planets from the US. The rise of electronic club music in the mid to late 1990s led to a decline in interest, and in the twenty-first century, the movement became indistinct as a genre. Many acts that might have been defined as acid jazz are now seen as jazz-funk, neo soul, or jazz rap.

Name and characteristics

The genre got its name in 1987 from Gilles Peterson, a disc jockey in London.[2][3] The name is a play on the acid house genre, which was popular in UK clubs in the 1980s.[4]

English disc jockey Gilles Peterson invented the term "acid jazz".

Acid jazz consisted of two related movements. The first was based on records released by DJs and producers that included rare jazz tracks, particularly from the 1960s and 1970s, often mixing them with percussion tracks and electronic dance beats.[5] The second were groups influenced by these recordings and who emphasised a groove-based approach to music.[4] Acid jazz uses elements of jazz, funk and hip-hop. Because of its existence as a percussion-heavy, primarily live music, it was closer to jazz than any other dance style, but its focus on maintaining a groove allied it with funk, hip-hop, and dance music.[6] The style is characterized by danceable grooves and long, repetitive compositions. Typical ensembles include horns, a full rhythm section (often with a drum set and additional percussion), a vocalist that may sing and rap and often a DJ.[7]

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