3rd millennium


In contemporary history, the third millennium is a period of time that began on January 1, 2001, and will end on December 31, 3000 of the Gregorian calendar. [1] [2] It is the third and current period of one thousand years in the Anno Domini or Common Era. [2] [3]


The events in this section are organized according to the UN geoscheme.

Events of the 3rd millennium
  Africa Americas Asia Europe Oceania
21st century 2010 Arab Spring [4] 2001 September 11 attacks [5] 2003 Beginning of Iraq War
2011 End of Iraq War
2011 Beginning of Syrian Civil War
2005 July 7 London bombings
2014 Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation
2015 Paris attacks
2013 Tasmanian Bushfires [6]