2019 World Athletics Championships – Women's high jump

Women's high jump
at the 2019 World Championships
VenueKhalifa International Stadium
Dates27 September (qualification)
30 September (final)
Competitors30 from 22 nations
Winning height2.04
gold medal 
silver medal 
bronze medal 
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The women's high jump at the 2019 World Athletics Championships was held at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar, from 27 to 30 September 2019.[1]


As might have been predictable, the six members of the Female two metres club were the last six left in the competition at 2 metres. The newest member Karyna Demidik saved one attempt, but missed. First over was defending champion Mariya Lasitskene, who still had a clean round going. That was matched by Vashti Cunningham also maintaining a clean round. After two misses, returning silver medalist Yuliya Levchenko. Returning bronze medalist Kamila Lićwinko wasn't so lucky and had to pack up her stuff. Next up, seventeen year old, newly tied U20 record holder Yaroslava Mahuchikh got over.

At 2.02m, Levchenko, then Lasitskene continued her perfect series. Cunningham missed and then Mahuchikh got over to set a new U20 record. Neither Levchenko or Cunningham could get over, leaving Cunningham with the bronze. At 2.04m Lasitskene still remained perfect, but after two misses, Mahuchikh got over again, a second new U20 record in the same competition; a 4 cm personal improvement. That was it, Lasitskene had the advantage. Mahuchikh, with silver in her pocket, chose not to continue for a third personal best. Lasitskene took three failed attempts at 2.08m

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