2017 Mastung suicide bombing

2017 Mastung suicide bombing
Part of War in North-West Pakistan
Mastung is located in Balochistan, Pakistan
Mastung (Balochistan, Pakistan)
Mastung is located in Pakistan
Mastung (Pakistan)
LocationMastung District, Balochistan, Pakistan
Coordinates29°24′31″N 67°11′22″E / 29°24′31″N 67°11′22″E / 29.408737; 67.189449
Date12 May 2017
TargetSenator Abdul Ghafoor Haideri
Attack type
Suicide motorcycle bombing
Weaponsexplosive belt[1]
Non-fatal injuries
VictimsHafiz Qudratullah (Naib emir of JUI-F's Quetta dist.)
Iftikhar Mughal (director staff of the Senate)
Suspected perpetrators
Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (claimed)
Participant1 suicide bomber

On 12 May 2017, a suicide bombing targeted the convoy of the Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan, Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, a JUI (F) member, on the N-25 National Highway in Mastung District, Balochistan, Pakistan.[2] At least 28 people were killed; 40 others were injured, including the Senator.[3] The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the attack.[4] The attack was an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Haideri.


The bombing took place as the suicide bomber targeted Haideri's convoy on the N-25 National Highway. The bomber rammed the motorcycle he was riding into the vehicle carrying Haideri. The vehicle was severely damaged in the blast. The attack occurred shortly after Haideri left Jama Masjid Hammadia, after attending a graduation ceremony and offering Friday prayers.[3][5] Haideri, who was sitting in the front seat,[6] survived but received injuries on his arms, leg and ear. His driver and another aide in the same vehicle were killed.[7][8] Many vehicles and motorcycles, including a police car, were destroyed in the explosion.[9]

Ghazanfar Ali, District Police Officer, Mastung, suggested after an initial probe that "a suspected suicide bomber hit Maulana Haideri's car".[1][10] The Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan, Raza Rabbani, said that it was a suicide attack that targeted Haideri.[11] After the attack while talking to the media Haideri said, "I am alive, Allah has saved my life… broken pieces of the windscreen hit me. I am injured but safe."[8]


Maulana Hafiz Qudratullah, Naib emir of JUI (F)'s Quetta district chapter; Iftikhar Mughal, director staff of the Senate; Haideri's driver and Abdul Waheed, an Anti-Terrorism Force official, were among those killed in the bombing. Seven volunteers of the JUI-F who were escorting Haideri as guards, including Mohammad Adil, Mohammad Imran, Abdul Ghaffar, Zahoor Ahmed and Abdul Karim, were also among the victims. Several bodies could not be identified.[3]

Abdul Hanan, a local journalist, was among the injured, as were a young girl and a child.[3]

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