2017 Jiuzhaigou earthquake

2017 Jiuzhaigou earthquake
2017 Jiuzhaigou earthquake is located in Sichuan
2017 Jiuzhaigou earthquake
UTC time2017-08-08 13:19:49
ISC event610873866
Local date8 August 2017
Local time21:19:49 CST (UTC+8) (USGS)
Duration15 seconds[1]
MagnitudeMs 7.0 (CENC)
Mw 6.5 (USGS)
Depthabout 20 kilometres (CENC)
9 kilometres (USGS)
Epicenter33°11′35″N 103°51′18″E / 33°11′35″N 103°51′18″E / 33.193; 103.855
Zhangzha Town, Jiuzhaigou County, Ngawa Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China
Areas affectedSichuan Province, Gansu Province and Shaanxi Province
Max. intensityVII (USGS)
Aftershocks1,741 (including 30 major aftershocks)
Casualties25 dead, 525 injured

The 2017 Jiuzhaigou earthquake occurred on 8 August 2017, in Zhangzha Town, Jiuzhaigou County, Ngawa Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. The earthquake was registered at Ms 7.0 and killed at least 25 people in the mountainous region of northern Sichuan.[2]


The distribution of the seismic intensity of this earthquake, where the epicentre is labelled with a star (USGS)

The earthquake struck at 21:19:46 China Standard Time (CST, UTC+8) on 8 August 2017 in Zhangzha Town in Jiuzhaigou County (33°12′N 103°49′E / 33°12′N 103°49′E / 33.20; 103.82) with magnitude 7.0.[a][b][7] Cities as far away as Lanzhou, Chengdu and Xi'an felt the quake.[8] The epicenter was 39 kilometres from the county seat of Jiuzhaigou County, 66 kilometres from Songpan County, 83 kilometres from Zhouqu County, 90 kilometres from Zoigê County, 105 kilometres from Longnan City, and 285 kilometres from Chengdu City.[9]