2017 Jerusalem truck attack

2017 Jerusalem truck attack
Part of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict [1]
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2017 Jerusalem truck attack is located in Jerusalem, Israel
2017 Jerusalem truck attack
Location Armon Hanatziv Esplanade, East Talpiot, East Jerusalem
Coordinates 31°45′16″N 35°13′53″E / 31°45′16″N 35°13′53″E / 31.754414; 35.231492
Date 8 January 2017; 11 months ago (2017-01-08)
13:00 ( UTC+02:00)
Attack type
Vehicular assault
Weapons Semi-trailer truck
Deaths 5 (including the perpetrator) [2]
Non-fatal injuries
17 [3]
Perpetrator Fadi al-Qanbar
Suspected perpetrators
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
The Martyr of Baha Alyan Collective (claimed responsibility) [4]

The 2017 Jerusalem truck attack, which occurred on 8 January 2017, was a vehicle-ramming attack. A truck driven by an Arab citizen of Israel plowed into a group of uniformed Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers disembarking from a bus on the Armon Hanatziv Esplanade in East Jerusalem's East Talpiot neighborhood, close to the Trotner park and UNTSO headquarters, killing four and injuring 15.

Just hours after the incident, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, blamed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) for the attack, raising questions about how he came to that conclusion. [5] Opponents criticized the Israeli Government for downplaying the political side. [6] Later, the attack was claimed by an unknown Palestinian group called "The Martyr of Baha Alyan Collective", citing political motives. [4] The attack was condemned by the United Nations, European Union, the United States and others. [7]


The truck involved in the attack

At around 13:00, a truck rammed into a group of IDF soldiers at a promenade in the East Talpiot neighborhood in southeast Jerusalem. One male and three female soldiers were killed and 15 soldiers were injured. Of those injured, two were in critical condition after the attack. [8] The attacker was shot dead by several of the soldiers and their civilian tour guide. [9] Israeli officials describe the attack to be an "act of terrorism". [10] [11]

Initial reports, including an account by the civilian tour guide who used his personal handgun to shoot at the driver, alleged that one of the soldiers hesitated before shooting, possibly as a result of the manslaughter conviction earlier in the month of Sgt. Elor Azaria, who had killed an incapacitated Palestinian assailant. [12] [13] Despite this report, the IDF reported that at least two soldiers fired at the attacker, and denied a connection between troops’ response to Azaria case. [13] [14] One of the cadets at the scene is quoted as saying that they fought for their friends and "Nobody was scared to shoot for even one minute". [15]

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