2007 in baseball


Major League Baseball

  • Regular Season Champions
League Eastern Division Champion Central Division Champion Western Division Champion Wild Card Qualifier
American League Boston Red Sox Cleveland Indians Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim New York Yankees
National League Philadelphia Phillies Chicago Cubs Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies
  Division Series
League Championship Series
World Series
  1 Boston Red Sox 3  
3 Los Angeles Angels 0  
  1 Boston Red Sox 4  
American League
  2 Cleveland Indians 3  
2 Cleveland Indians 3
  4 New York Yankees 1  
    AL Boston Red Sox 4
  NL Colorado Rockies 0
  1 Arizona Diamondbacks 3  
3 Chicago Cubs 0  
  1 Arizona Diamondbacks 0
National League
  4 Colorado Rockies 4  
2 Philadelphia Phillies 0
  4 Colorado Rockies 3  

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Higher seed had home field advantage during Division Series and League Championship Series.
The American League champion has home field advantage during the World Series as a result of the AL victory in the All-Star Game.

Other champions

1 – The appearance by the Huskies of Rouen, France in the final marks the first time since 1976 that a team from outside the professional leagues of the Netherlands or Italy has finished in the top two.

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