1993 Women's Cricket World Cup

1993 Women's World Cup
1993 Women's Cricket World Cup logo.png
Dates20 July–1 August 1993
Cricket formatODI (60-over)
Tournament format(s)Round-robin
Host(s) England
Champions England (2nd title)
Matches played29
Most runsEngland Jan Brittin (416)
Most wicketsEngland Karen Smithies
New Zealand Julie Harris (15)

The 1993 Women's Cricket World Cup was an international cricket tournament played in England from 20 July to 1 August 1993. Hosted by England for the second time, it was the fifth edition of the Women's Cricket World Cup, and came over four years after the preceding 1988 World Cup in Australia.

The tournament was organised by the International Women's Cricket Council (IWCC), with matches played over 60 overs. It was "run on a shoestring", and was close to being cancelled until a £90,000 donation was received from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts.[1] England won the tournament for a second time, defeating New Zealand in the final by 67 runs. A record eight teams participated, with Denmark, India, and the West Indies joining the five teams from the 1988 edition. Denmark and the West Indies were making their tournament debuts.[a] England's Jan Brittin led the tournament in runs, while her captain Karen Smithies and New Zealand's Julie Harris led the tournament in wickets.[4][5]


Coach: Peter Bakker
Coach: Erik Juul Lassen
Coach: Ruth Prideaux
Coach: Brendan O'Brien
 Netherlands[11]  New Zealand[12]
Coach: Ann McKenna
 West Indies[13]
Coach: Theo Cuffy