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The year 1954 in film involved some significant events and memorable ones.


  • A reproduction of "America's First Movie Studio", Thomas Edison's Black Maria, is constructed.
  • May 12 — The Marx Brothers' Zeppo Marx divorces wife Marion Benda. The two were married in 1927.
  • September 29 — A Star is Born premieres and marks Judy Garland's comeback after her termination from her contract at MGM. An astounding success with critics and audiences, A Star is Born not only marked the first time that legendary director George Cukor had made a film musical and film that is in Technicolor and in the anamorphic widescreen format, but also it's been regarded as one of the Garland's best performances in her film career.
  • November 3 — The movie Godzilla premieres in Japan. It became a huge success and became the first in series of Godzilla movies, the longest running film series in history[citation needed].
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