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Kelowna International Airport
Kelowna International Airport

The Okanagan contains five airports, four helipads and three water aerodromes. The Okanagan is a region located in the British Columbia Interior of Canada. Of the five cities based in the Okanagan, three of them contain aviation services. Vernon contains two: the Vernon Regional Airport and Vernon/Wildlife Water Aerodrome, while Kelowna provides the same number: the Kelowna International Airport and Kelowna (General Hospital) Heliport. The Penticton Regional Airport and Penticton Water Aerodrome are situated in Penticton, making a total of two aviation services offered in the city. There are also communities that are not cities in the Okanagan, many of which also maintain aviation services. Two of the airports in the Okanagan provide public commercial flights to other destinations: the Kelowna International Airport which is part of the National Airports System and Penticton Regional Airport. A number of other airports in the Okanagan are generally used for personal events, or skydiving, although some have no facilities. ( Full list...)

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Genesis Nomad

The Genesis Nomad is a handheld game console by Sega released in North America in October 1995. A portable variation of Sega's home console, the Sega Genesis, Nomad served to succeed the Game Gear and was the last handheld console released by Sega. In addition to functioning as a portable device, it was designed to be used with a television set via a video port. Released late in the Genesis era, the Nomad had a short lifespan and was sold exclusively in North America.

Photograph: Evan Amos

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