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One of the RAAF's C-130H Hercules in 2004

In Australian service, Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport aircraft have been operated by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). A total of forty-eight of the aircraft have served the RAAF since 1958, when No. 36 Squadron began replacing its Douglas C-47 Dakotas, and the C-130J model is still in Australian service today. As the RAAF's first strategic airlifters, the aircraft have frequently been used to deliver disaster relief in Australia and the Pacific region, as well as to support military deployments overseas. They saw extensive service during the Vietnam War, transporting troops and cargo to South East Asia and undertaking aeromedical evacuation. Nineteen of the RAAF's fleet of twenty-four C-130s took part in relief efforts in 1974–75 after Cyclone Tracy struck Darwin. Since then, the aircraft have been involved in humanitarian missions to New Guinea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Bali, Sumatra, and New Zealand. They have also seen service during the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the Fijian coups in 1987, operations in Somalia in 1993, INTERFET operations in East Timor in 1999–2000, and beginning in 2001, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. ( Full article...)

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King Kalākaua, c. 1881
King Kalākaua
  • ... that one of the goals of King Kalākaua's world tour (Kalākaua pictured) was to save the declining population of Native Hawaiians?
  • ... that monasteries and public buildings are illuminated during the Galdan Namchot festival marking the beginning of new year celebrations in Ladakh, India?
  • ... that for Givat Brenner's 25th anniversary, kibbutz theatre director Shulamit Bat-Dori staged an open-air play with a cast and crew of 1,000, before an audience of 10,000?
  • ... that business historian Robert Sobel has described the New York Gold Exchange as "the most informal and certainly the wildest market in American history"?
  • ... that a study by child psychiatrist Stella Chess and her husband, Alexander Thomas, found that children could be divided into three different categories: "easy", "difficult", and "slow to warm up"?
  • ... that Girls' Generation was among the five South Korean acts that best represent K-pop during the past two decades, according to a 2015 poll by Korea Creative Content Agency?
  • ... that the lemon-bellied flyrobin occasionally catches and eats insects that are one-sixth of its length?

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Women's March on Washington
Women's March, Washington, DC

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January 22: Reunion Day in Ukraine ( 1919)

SS Valencia
SS Valencia
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3DO Interactive Multiplayer

The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer is a home video game console platform developed by The 3DO Company. Conceived by entrepreneur and Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins, the 3DO was not a console manufactured by the company itself, but a series of specifications, originally designed by Dave Needle and R. J. Mical of New Technologies Group, that could be licensed by third parties. Despite a highly promoted launch and a host of cutting-edge technologies, it was discontinued in late 1996, three years after its first release.

Photograph: Evan-Amos