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The Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year is an honor presented annually at the Latin Grammy Awards, a ceremony that recognizes excellence and creates a wider awareness of cultural diversity and contributions of Latin recording artists in the United States and internationally. The award is given to the performers, producers, audio engineers and mastering engineers for vocal or instrumental albums with 51% of new recorded songs. Albums of previously released recordings, such as reissues, compilations of old recordings and greatest hits albums packages are not eligible. Juan Luis Guerra has won the most awards in the category with four wins (one as a producer). Alejandro Sanz and Juanes have won three times each. They are followed by Calle 13 with two winning albums. Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira became the first female recipient in 2006. Most nominated albums were recorded in Spanish language, though Gilberto Gil, Ivan Lins, Maria Rita, Tribalistas and Caetano Veloso have been nominated for albums recorded in Portuguese language, with Lins winning the award in 2005 for Cantando Histórias. ( Full list...)

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Nakhi women

Nakhi women carrying the typical baskets of the region in a public performance at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Open Air Theatre in Yunnan, China. The Nakhi are one of the 56 officially recognized Chinese ethnic groups and inhabit the foothills of the Himalayas. Their culture, including their literature and farming practices, is strongly influenced by Dongbaism.

Photograph: Uwe Aranas

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