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Rashad Sadygov
Rashad Sadygov

Azerbaijan international footballers have represented Azerbaijan in international association football since 1992, after the country declared independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Prior to this, Azerbaijani players had represented the Soviet Union national football team. Rashad Sadygov (pictured) is Azerbaijan's most capped player of all time and is the only player to have accumulated 100 caps for the national team. As of November 2018, Sadygov has played 110 times for the country as a defender, having made his debut in 2001 against Sweden, and received his last cap in 2017. Gurban Gurbanov, who accumulated 66 caps during his international career, is the country's highest scorer of all time with 12 goals and is the only player to have scored ten or more goals for Azerbaijan as of November 2018. The first player to accumulate 25 caps for Azerbaijan was Tarlan Ahmadov, on 2 April 1997 in a 2–1 defeat to Finland. (Full list...)

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Lady Dorothy Browne and Sir Thomas Browne

Lady Dorothy Browne and Sir Thomas Browne is an oil-on-panel painting attributed to English painter Joan Carlile and probably completed between 1641 and 1650. It depicts Thomas Browne, the son of a merchant from Cheshire, who eventually became a physician and author in Norwich; and his wife Dorothy Browne (née Mileham), who came from a land-owning family in Norfolk. The two Brownes are portrayed in contrasting styles, with Lady Dorothy looking directly at the viewer with a pleasant expression while Sir Thomas appears to be staring into the distance. The painting is in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Painting: Joan Carlile

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