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1995.[1] Abbreviated from WikiWikiWeb, from Hawaiian wikiwiki (quick) + English web.



wiki (plural wikis)

  1. A collaborative website which can be directly edited merely by using a web browser, often by anyone with access to it.


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wiki (third-person singular simple present wikis, present participle wikiing, simple past and past participle wikied)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To research on Wikipedia or some similar wiki.
    To get an understanding of the topics, he quickly went online and wikied each one.
    • 2008 December 1, GeekDad, “Son of a Geek: Comics and Growing Up the DC Way”, in Wired News:
      I tore through his collection wikiing any plot points that I missed learning the importance of the players of the DC universe
    • 2009 June 18, Lizz Holmans, “Janus”, in uk.rec.sheds, Usenet[2]:
      Her English is no better than my Portuguese, but I wikied 'influenza' in Portuguese and it came up with 'gripe'
    • 2010, Noemi Gonzalez, Journey, page 65:
      I did research on the internet and found out so. I “wikied” it.
  2. (intransitive) To contribute to a wiki.
    • 2006, Deptford Tv, Deptford.TV Diaries, page 73:
      Blogging, wiki-ing, coding are all activities that generate authorial product.
    • 2007, Dan Woods, Wikis for dummies, page 17:
      The best way to start wiki-ing is to find an existing wiki (that is, a hosted wiki) and start adding to it.
    • 2008, Robert E. Cummings; Matt Barton, Wiki writing: collaborative learning in the college classroom, page 46:
      For example, blog and wiki software can be used to support all sorts of activities that are not commonly associated with the activities of “blogging” or “wikiing.” This includes activities like sharing syllabi, publishing announcements
  3. (transitive) To participate in the wiki-based production of.
    • 2009 October 19, “Cooking Consensus: Will Wiki Work in the Kitchen?”, in Time[3]:
      The history of wikied novels isn't pretty (Penguin Books never published the gobbledygook that was "A Million Penguins"), and no one has dared wiki a jazz song.



  1. ^ Cunningham, Ward (2005), “Correspondence on the Etymology of Wiki”, in Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.[1], retrieved 28 February 2010


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