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  • Goon: けち (kechi)
  • Kan’on: けつ (ketsu, Jōyō)
  • Kun: (musubu, 結ぶ, Jōyō); むすび (musubi, 結び); (musubaru, 結ばる); (musubawaru, 結ばわる); (musuboru, 結ぼる); (musubōru, 結ぼうる); (musuboreru, 結ぼれる); ゆう (yuu, 結う, Jōyō); ゆい (yui, 結い); (yuwau, 結わう); (yuwaeru, 結わえる, Jōyō); (iwaeru, 結える); いわく (iwaku, 結く); すく (suku, to knit a net, 結く); (katanasu, to gather or tie together into one bunch, 結なす); (katameru, to bind together; to open and read out the content of official documents, 結める); (katanu, 結ぬ)

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