Wiktionary:Blocking policy

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Application-certificate Gion.svgThis is a Wiktionary policy, guideline or common practices page. The portion of it which is policy may not be modified without a VOTE.
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This policy page consists of two sections: (a) policy, the statement of binding policy; (b) explanation, a non-binding explanation of the policy, and guidelines showing how the policy is usually applied. The only binding section is “policy”. The section “policy” is not merely the policy in a nutshell but rather the complete statement of the policy itself.


The blocking policy itself is as follows:

  1. The block tool should only be used to prevent edits that will, directly or indirectly, hinder or harm the progress of the English Wiktionary.
  2. It should not be used unless less drastic means of stopping these edits are, by the assessment of the blocking administrator, highly unlikely to succeed.