Help:Disputing a definition

This page deals with the procedures for contesting and removing definitions and words. If the change is minor, (i.e. the meaning of the definition was not changed significantly, and/or it is unlikely that anyone will want to change it back) it is probably not necessary to discuss the change first; however, if you intend to alter a definition in a major way or remove it entirely, it is strongly recommended that you first discuss the change on a high-volume discussion page such as the Tea Room, Requests for Verification or Requests for Deletion so that others have an opportunity to give their opinions. It is advised not to use the entry's talk page for this purpose because the ratio of editors to entries on Wiktionary is so low that few editors may ever see it.

The Tea Room (TR)

This is the place to go for general discussion on the meanings of words. Make a new discussion in the Tea Room and put {{tearoom}} on the entry in question to alert editors visiting that page to the discussion.

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