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There is a help index which lists all help pages.

Basic help


Link Description
Introduction to this project Brief explanation of the project, and links to introductory help pages.
Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions that are not covered by these help pages.
Information Desk A place where newcomers can ask questions about words and about Wiktionary, ask for help, or post miscellaneous ideas that don’t fit in any of the other rooms.


Link Description
Edit a page Basic introduction to editing.
The Sandbox Place to muck around with wiki-syntax and to make test edits.
Starting a new page Help on writing your first page.
Writing definitions How to write a dictionary definition.
Criteria for inclusion Describes the standard criteria for adding new words.
Entry layout Describes the standard layout for Wiktionary definition pages (see the simple example).
Internal links Where in a page to put a link to another entry.
Talk pages Talk page instructions and guidelines.
Emailing users How to use the email tool.
Disputing a definition The procedures for having a definition or entry removed or significantly altered.
Other Languages